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Freedom, adventure, proximity to nature and people are the most important but not the only advantages of holidays on the water. It doesn’t matter if you choose a small sailboat, a sea-going yacht or a catamaran – boating holidays will certainly let you catch the wind in your sails again. How to easily and safely charter a boat for a holiday cruise? Where to go with your crew, whether it be friends or family? Here are some of our recommendations.

Holidays on the water are a good idea for less and more experienced sailors – both with and without a sailing licence. All you need to do is book a boat and at the selected date arrive at the port from which you’ll set off in search of a sailing adventure. You can’t steer a boat, but are you dreaming of a holiday cruise? Don’t worry, you can charter a sailboat with a skipper and learn from the best.

sailing © iStock
sailing © iStock

Where to get the boat from? Don’t buy it, charter it!

On the one hand, owning a boat is a luxury that many sailors dream of and, on the other hand, it is a trouble as well. Why? Your own boat requires regular maintenance and insurance, and in addition, if you want to sail on different waters, you need to transport and launch it. Most sailors choose a simpler and cheaper solution, that is a boat charter. It is best to charter from reliable ship owners or companies assisting in renting boats from private persons.

A convenient, transparent and safe way to charter a boat is through, where you will find over 17 thousand verified boat hire offers from 62 countries around the world. is also a guarantee of an intuitive interface, the lowest price on the market, no booking fees and always up-to-date pictures of boats and opinions of other users. If you have any questions, you can also count on the help of the service staff 7 days a week.

Dalmatia, Croatia © iStock
Dalmatia, Croatia © iStock

How to use

How to charter a boat anywhere in the world? All you have to do is enter the location from which you want to start the cruise in the search engine window and select the date of vacation and the type of boat, for instance, a sailboat, a sea-going yacht, a catamaran, a motorboat, a gulet or even a house on the water. After a few seconds from clicking the “Search” button, you will gain access to the database of results matching your criteria. You can sort the list of results based on the lowest price, user reviews or the best deals. You can narrow down your results by using the filters on the left, such as the charter price, number of cabins, toilets and people, year of construction and boat length. In order to perfectly match the offers to your expectations, also enables you to indicate the model and manufacturer of the boat, a specific shipowner or even the type of sail and other amenities on board. Do you have a sailing license? Select bareboat offers on the left side of the results. Don’t have a license? Check the charter offers with a skipper (crewed charters). It’s simple, isn’t it?

exotic bay © iStock
exotic bay © iStock

A holiday cruise for the body and soul

Anyone who has ever gone on a cruise will always want to come back on board. Why? Sailing is the perfect way for active, sporting holidays. Whether you spend it on a quiet lake in Masuria or you’re riding the sea waves in southern Europe, you will not only get a tan, but also strength and wonderful memories of adrenaline-filled moments.

Spending holidays on a boat, especially with family or friends, also improves relationships. The small area of ​​the deck or cabins provides more frequent opportunities for talks than ashore. And there will be plenty of them not only while resting on board but also during maneuvers, on a navigational watch at sea or a galley watch while preparing meals for the crew. The valuable and strong relationships built especially between parents and children are also fostered by taking care of the yacht, setting the mast, cooking or learning to sail, to name but a few.

For many people, an important advantage of sailing holidays is also the freedom in planning the cruise route. You go where the weather is good, places are interesting or maybe your friends are docked at a given port. On the boat, you don’t have to worry about booking accommodation in other hotels, because your bed, or actually a berth, is always with you.

Crete Island © iStock
Crete Island © iStock

Holidays close to nature

Holidays spent on a sailing boat are also a great opportunity for close contact with nature. Whether you plan to dock at ports or go wild camping without amenities you’ll find in a port such as showers, toilets and a shop, you will certainly be the closest to nature during a cruise lasting several days for the first time in many years. And you will experience it by, among others, the wind lashing your face, sun rays that warm your skin or salt from the sea breeze settling on your hair. When on a boat, what will also remind you that you’re part of nature is the possibility to observe animals in their natural habitat every day. In such an environment, you will have nothing else to do but jump into the water and enjoy your freedom!

Croatia © iStock
Croatia © iStock

Heading South

Do you dream of a cruise on warm seas and oceans? With you can charter a boat, catamaran or motorboat, whether it be a bareboat or skippered charter, without leaving your home in almost every corner of the world. The website’s database is constantly updated and it contains offers from as many as 62 countries around the world, including exotic places such as Seychelles, Bahamas, Thailand, Caribbean, Australia, Chile and Brazil. Instead of flying to the other side of the globe in search of predictable weather, you can go for a reasonably-priced boat charter in the Mediterranean Sea. More often, sailors choose warm waters under sunny skies in Croatia, Greece, Spain and Italy. It’s not surprising, as travel costs are lower than in the case of trips to exotic countries, and the weather in high season is just as good. The most popular shipping routes include those on the Adriatic Sea near the coasts of Croatia and Italy, the Ionian and Aegean Sea on the territory of Greece, the Tyrrhenian Sea on the western coast of Italy and the Balearic Sea near Mallorca, Spain.

Paradise sea view
Paradise sea view © iStock

When going to the Mediterranean Sea, it’s good to remember that there the season lasts from April almost to November. In spring and autumn, you can expect not only lower yacht charter rates (starting at EUR 40 per day), but also less traffic on the water as well as favorable weather and sailing conditions. In the high season, i.e. in summer, the waters and ports can be crowded, but, as sailors who have been sailing there for years emphasize, it also has its charm.

Do you think a cruise is a good way to spend your holidays in 2021? Choose the place and the right time and don’t wait any longer – book now, a boat that meets your requirements on Ahoy, adventure!



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